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March 24 - 30, 2019
Saturday, March 30

Update: Track & Field conditions in the Keweenaw.
Clearing the track

This time a snowblower is in the picture. But look, Eagle River Falls is roaring [more...]

But things are breaking UP and folks are biking the shoreline [more...]

Friday, March 29

Lake Superior is still iced in
Still iced in

Thursday, March 28

Bete Grise Bay covered with ice...
Ice on the Bay

...draws you in with beauty. Lake Superior and the waters of Lac La Belle [more...]

Just watch out for unstable snow build-up when crossing streams [more...]

Wednesday, March 27

Still plenty of snow for snowshoeing.
Snow collapsed

Tuesday, March 26

Winter slowly receding in the Keweenaw.
Ice Mountains

Great Sand Bay has open water that creeps closer to shore every day [more...]

Today we join 'The 906 Adventure' for an actual visit inside [more...]

Monday, March 25

Quincy Mining Dredge #2 in Mason
The Dredge

Sunday, March 24

Serving up a reheated Shoebox Memory
Selling heat

With some handy energy-saving tips from the folks at the Bureau of Mines [more...]

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