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July 5 - 11, 2015

This Day
Saturday, July 11

Hon. James L. Oberstar arrives at Marquette Harbor.
In the dark of night.
Tied up
Approaching the dock


Long range view
Friday, July 10

Touring the U.P., from South Range to Crystal Falls.
Numerous landmarks along the way.
Downtown Crystal Falls

This Day

This Day
Thursday, July 9

Today a close-up study of Wild Flag Irises of the U.P.
And a variety of bugs.


On guard
Wednesday, July 8

Iroquois Island near Brimley, is guarded by seagulls.
Spotted herons in the nest.
In the nest

This Day

This Day
Tuesday, July 7

Out in Gay, MI for their 4th of July parade & festivities.
Rummage sale and baked goods too.
Good eats and bargains
The parade begins


Mystery stuff
Monday, July 6

Mysterious substance arrives on the waves of Lake Superior.
Pooled around the rocks on shore.
Yellow goop

This Day

This Day
Sunday, July 5
Shoebox Memory
Honored last week at a downstate memorial service
Ed Chaput, aka "EddyFitz"
Young Ed

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