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April 30 - May 6, 2017


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Saturday, May 6

Edward L. Ryerson in port at Escanaba.

Unique Captain Salute from the Ryerson.

From the Archives

Retired Coast Guard cutter on Houghton's waterfront.

Big boat

Friday, May 5

From graduation eve to graduation day.
Michigan Tech commencement.
College graduates

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This Day


Thursday, May 4

Snowy spring on the Traprock River.

Live action over the Escanaba River Dam.

From the Archives

A look under the Portage Lift Bridge.

Below the Bridge

Wednesday, May 3

Helicopter flight with views of Houghton & Hancock.
Some days the Portage is calm and still.
Still Portage waters

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This Day

Tuesday, May 2

Exploring below Douglass Houghton Falls.

Watch and hear the springtime dance.

from the archives

Major runoff this time of year.

Spring runoff rages on

Monday, May 1

Lake of the Clouds, pretty no matter the season.
Cold with a bit of snow as May begins.
Bundled up in May

This Day


This Day

Sunday, April 30
In Memory
Kenneth Ryan Clark
Glenn Dessellier
Garfield W. Hood
James Klutts
Myrtle M. Luoma
Jean (Jennie) Makkonen
Gordon Schaaf

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