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April 23 - 29, 2017


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Saturday, April 29

Sailing up bound into
Lake Superior.

Winter maintenance when the Locks are closed.

From the Archives

Two years ago surrounded in ice.

In the Locks

Friday, April 28

Counting migrating birds from the top of Brockway.
Small shelter provided for the counter.
Brockway shelter

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This Day


Thursday, April 27

The Quincy Smelter in Ripley.

Preserving Copper Country Mining History.

From the Archives

Mining operations helped build the Keweenaw.

Preserving mining history

Wednesday, April 26

Shooting the rapids on the Silver River in L'Anse.
Some wild U.P. spring kayaking!
River Kayaking

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This Day

Tuesday, April 25

Picnic Rocks in the early morning quiet.

1920 US Lifesaving crew drills in Marquette.

from the archives

Memorial to those who gave their lives.

In memory

Monday, April 24

The horses arrive back on Mackinac Island.
Never know who'll come visiting UP North.
What's that in the front yard?

This Day


This Day

Sunday, April 23

Several U.P. Waterfalls have appeared on Apr 23

..and today we explore
dozens more

Sturgeon Falls

30 to be exact


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