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March 31 - April 6, 2019
Saturday, April 6

Beavers are busy in Chassell.
Leave it to Beavers

Sturgeon River is breaking up, while beavers are gnawing down trees [more...]

Snow is receding from week to week. The Snowshoe Priest Bishop Baraga is honored with The Warrior Song [more...]

Friday, April 5

Slow start for Spring around Keweenaw Bay.
Keweenaw Bay

Thursday, April 4

Gradual melting of snow continues.
Church in Phoenix

Rivers and falls are beginning to run, bare ground is appearing again [more...]

But makes for beautiful scenery, away from traffic and fun for critters [more...]

Wednesday, April 3

Evening on U.P. trails still involves snow
Snow collapsed

Tuesday, April 2

Keweenaw night sky filled with lights.
Try and count the stars.

Superior has re-opened for shipping (well, sort of) [more...]

With intense voting over the weekend, Calumet Colosseum comes out on top [more...]

Monday, April 1
April Fool's Day
No Fooling: Calumet Colosseum Wins!
Calumet Colosseum Wins!

Sunday, March 31
In Memory

Dolores Bastian
Bradley Curtin
Pat DeVoe
Irene Kallio
Jack Kujansuu
Hugh Lee
Thomas Thornton

Always Remembered [more...]


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