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June 4 - 10, 2017


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Saturday, June 10

Full moon over Marquette's Presque Isle.

Storm clouds rolling in from Lake Superior (time lapse)

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U.P. weather - fog, lightning and clouds.


U.P. Sky
Friday, June 9

The skies over the U.P. are a thing of beauty.


Come explore them with us for a few minutes.
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From rainbows to sunsets.

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This Day


Thursday, June 8

Keweenaw Bay clouds, sun & the Snowshoe Priest.

Ice on the bay in June 2014

From the Archives
The Bishop watches over the Bay.
Up close

Wednesday, June 7

Soo Locks background
and how it works.
Boats of all sizes on the Pasty Cam.

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This Day

Tuesday, June 6

Mineral Range Depot in Calumet being restored.

Torch Lake C&H Mining Co. Steam Engine #3

from the archives

Historic buildings in Lake Linden and Calumet.

Historic buildings

Illegal parking
Monday, June 5

American White Pelicans passing through Bootjack.


These large birds migrate in the spring and fall.
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Ducks, birds & pelicans
oh my!

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This Day

Sunday, June 4

Aerial views off the east and west bluffs of Brockway

from the archives
Before the proliferation of drones.

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