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May 21 - 27, 2017


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Saturday, May 27

Caught in the act in Hubbell: feeder thieves!

Another raiding party in action.

From the Archives

...and some sitting down for dinner.


Friday, May 26

Catching a big pike UP North is always exciting.
Doesn't matter if you're a kid or all grown UP!
Now that's a fish!

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This Day


Thursday, May 25

Placing flags to decorate Veteran's resting place.

As Memorial Day approaches.

From the Archives
Honoring those who
served in Covington.
Veteran's Memorial

Wednesday, May 24

Whitewater rafting excitement on the Montreal River.
Did you know there are two Montreal's in the U.P.?
Flowing into Superior

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This Day

Tuesday, May 23

Superior's shoreline holds beautiful sandstone.

Historic Calumet church St. Paul's gets a flyby.

from the archives

The skyline UP North has interesting patterns.

Colored in pink

Monday, May 22

Springtime means water gushing at Canyon Falls.
And fun times at McLain State Park.
Jumping for joy!

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This Day

Sunday, May 21

Protected relics in the woods near Lake of the Clouds.

from the archives
Revisiting a Shoebox Memory

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