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May 14 - 20, 2017


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Saturday, May 20

Seeing double - the real thing and an erector set model.

Watch the Callaway pass under the Mackinac Bridge.

From the Archives

A look back at bridges of U.P. counties.

Old railroad bridge

Friday, May 19

U.P. Honor Flight saying
thanks to our Vets.
Parades and memorials honoring
our Armed Forces.
Parade watching

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This Day


Thursday, May 18

Colors are bursting in more ways than one in the Keweenaw.

The woods are truly coming alive for Spring.

From the Archives

Mornings are blessed with
abundant beauty.


Wednesday, May 17

A peek inside the Michigan Iron Industry Museum.
So much history and artistry UP North.
Repairs needed

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This Day

Tuesday, May 16

U.P. monument to
the end of winter.

Remembering a Geologist who made a mark.

from the archives

A reminder of former days in the Northwoods.

Rugged lumberjack

Monday, May 15

Pasty.NET with a great view from Quincy Hill.
History lessons from the archives.
May - 1898

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This Day

Sunday, May 14
Happy Mothers Day

One landmark seen on the Pasty Cam during our journey.

from the archives
Adventure Ride at Ironwood

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