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October 29 - November 4, 2017


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Saturday, November 4

Snow cover at Alberta reflecting wintry beauty.

MTU lands recognized as a Model Forest.
from the archives

Scenic glimpses around the U.P.
Lake Plumbago

Friday, November 3

Check out the visitors on a U.P. Trail Camera.
A look at trails, country roads & peaceful locales.
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This Day


Thursday, November 2

Northwoods Conservancy photo contest winners

Cruise past Hancock to Houghton
from the archives

Pasty Cam at the falls, in the city, in the woods.
Falls are still running

Wednesday, November 1

'Not ready for fall to be over yet' tour...
Rainbows, night lights and colors UP North.
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This Day

Tuesday, October 31
In Memory

Ruth Dowd
Eva Lindeman
Paulette Mahr
Peter Miller
Brandon Olson

May they rest in peace.
October Moon

Monday, October 30

Early snow UP North over the weekend.
Past years had snow, other years bare ground.
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This Day

Sunday, October 29

Before the Lake shore freezes, some people do crazy things.

from the archives
Crazy but exciting.

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