The Pasty Camsm
April 19 - 25, 2015

This Day
Saturday, April 25

Tower repairs between Ripley and Dollar Bay.
Nerves of steel at work.
Side by side
Working up high


At the Soo Locks
Friday, April 24

An interesting ocean going freighter headed for the Soo Locks.
With help from a Pilot Boat Tug.
Pilot boat tug

This Day

This Day
Thursday, April 23

Here UP North the night lights have been shining bright.
Lighting ice shapes and mine shafts.
Over by the Hut
UP ice floe


Taking a break
Wednesday, April 22

The geese in the Brimley area are still finding ice in places..
While eagles fly overhead.
High above

This Day

This Day
Tuesday, April 21

Little Lake, near Gwinn, beauty in the sky and on the water.
From bright gold, to subtle pink.
Pink sky at night...
Bright setting sun


White water rushing
Monday, April 20

Spring run-off is making for some beautiful waterfalls.
Eagle River is running swiftly.
Nice cold drink

This Day

This Day
Sunday, April 19
Shoebox Memory
A couple of 'then and now' combinations...
...for today's Shoebox Memory.
Calumet Streetcar

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