The Pasty Cam
November 21 - 27, 2004
Saturday, November 27

Traffic signals dot towns and villages along the route through the Upper Peninsula.

But what do you do when one tells you to stop AND go?
Mixed signals
You lookin' at me??
Friday, November 26

The busiest shopping day of the year, has lots of folks scurrying to get to the big sales.

...while this U.P. shopper scampers to get his winter food.
Thursday, November 25
Winter fuel
A streak of bright beauty across the sky greets the morning, as we reflect on life's abundance...
...and count our blessings.
Give thanks
Little fellow
Wednesday, November 24

A universe of rocks, sand and water.  This is Lake Superior and her shoreline.

Perfect playground for young and old!
Tuesday, November 23

A cozy spot, temporary housing for little logs on their way to do what they do so well...

Warming the cockles of the heart... and saving money!
Winter fuel
Still no snow
Monday, November 22

Skypixs has an advantage when it comes to checking out conditions across the U.P.

Luckily, Rick takes us along.
Sunday, November 21

An animated Shoebox Memory: November snowfall, Eagle River, 50 years ago.

Taking little sister for a ride.
Ginger Hart and Carol(?)Lois(?)
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