The Pasty Cam
June 8 - 14, 2003
Saturday, June 14
Happy Flag Day

It's also Bridgefest weekend in Houghton and Hancock.
Views from above and below in Cam Notes
Photos by Dennis Kemper and Z-Man
Summer's comin'
No place like home
Friday, June 13

Is it an unlucky day? One thing for sure:  we're lucky to live here in the U.P. 

Especially this time of year.
Thursday, June 12

Garden City Road is open again, after a serious washout earlier last month. 

Thanks to Keweenaw County Road Commission.
Quietly Wild
Feathered family
Wednesday, June 11

Near Copper Harbor, Mary Drew finds the answer to, "Why did the goose cross the road?" 

To get to the water, of course.
Tuesday, June 10

The hills wear a foggy shroud on some of these late Spring mornings. 

Dan Urbanski with an eyewitness report.
Quietly Wild
Saturday afternoon
Monday, June 9

Allouez Twp. firefighters paid a visit to Eagle River over the weekend to extinguish a blaze... 

notes the middle of the old dam.
Sunday, June 8

U.P. polar bear club? No, some churches hold their baptismal service at the river. 

Photo from the Trout Creek Museum.
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