The Pasty Cam
June 1 - 7, 2003
Saturday, June 7

In her travels across the U.P., Naomi Laakonen and fiancee Doug visited the boardwalk at Crisp Point Lighthouse. 

...on a cool, clear day.
Water's edge
Spring color
Friday, June 6

In yesterday's Cam Notes someone requested lilacs.  Your wish is our command.

Aimee Rathbun did the honors.
Thursday, June 5

Kate Hintz takes a walk up in the woods on the Hancock ski trails, and greens up the Pasty Cam. 

We hear of pleasant weather in the Copper Country.
In the woods
Photo by Taka
Wednesday, June 4

One of our favorite yoopers from Japan checks in with some springtime color. 

From recent MTU grad Taka Aoki.
Tueday, June 3

What's new in Keweenaw this tourist season? The old Phillipsville sports a new sign. 

A real beauty by Mark McEvers.
Building art
Any nibbles?
Monday, June 2

Chilly temps keep away black flies just a bit longer, good time to do some fishin'. 

Pair of shots from Brian Rendel.
Sunday, June 1

"School's out, school's out..." the 8th grade class at Sacred Heart in 1910, from the shoebox of John P. O'Brien. 

Cleaned up real nice, didn't they?
2nd row, 5th from left is John's father
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