The Pasty Cam
June 9 - 15, 2002
Saturday, June 15

Bridgefest, seafood and music at the waterfront, fireworks, floats and marching bands.

Just warming up for Father's Day.
Strike up the band
Happy Flag Day
Friday, June 14

Old Glory keeps vigil over Ottawa Visitor Center at Watersmeet.

Let's stop to stretch our legs, on the way to Bridgefest up in the Copper Country.
Thursday, June 13

A while back somebody asked for a good closeup of a pileated woodpecker.

Today R.C. Wetton delivers.
Old and older
Wednesday, June 12

The Escanaba River is where Donn de Yampert found the end of the road...

Less traveled these days.
Tuesday, June 11

The northern climate produces an abundant variety of interesting vegetation.  Peggy Riemer spotted some morels at the base of an ancient dying apple tree.


There are some enterprising guys down in Wisconsin who pick these and ship them all over the country.


More morels
Party near St. Ignace
Monday, June 10

This weekend was some kind of record for graduation open houses across Upper Michigan.

Pasty Cam stopped by one near St. Ignace.
Sunday, June 9

Shoebox memories of a difficult time in our country.  Though the U.P. was far from battle lines, life everywhere was affected.

From the Jerry Cobb collection.
Memories of sacrifice
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