The Pasty Cam
June 2 - 8, 2002
Saturday, June 8

If you haven't been to the Straits area lately, there are a few new sights to see.

Like this patriotic moose on the St. Ignace side.
Red, white and blue (and green)
Fluff buzzer
Friday, June 7

What bugs you about the U.P.?  Some have suggested statehood for the region...

...with this guy as the state bird.
Thursday, June 6

Steve Brimm ventures out on the rocks toward the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Looking back toward Copper Harbor & Brockway
A world of beauty
Give 'em a brake
Wednesday, June 5

With total disregard for the local ordinances, roving gangs of rebelious ducks have taken over L'Anse.

An eyewitness report from Jay Fedorocko
Tuesday, June 4

A floral feast from four photographers in today's Cam Notes.


Ken Scheibach...  Dan Urbanski...  Kelly Wenberg...

Crab apple Trillium Forget-me-not
...and Donn de Yampert --
Forest floor
Which way is up?
Monday, June 3

A Keweenaw 'Mystery Spot'?  Back in the archives you can find shots of the old dredge in Mason, but none from inside this relic of the mining days... until now.

Mary Drew and Jim with a roving Pasty Cam report
See Cam Notes
Sunday, June 2

The same point of view as observed over half a century apart, in this week's Shoebox Memory.  The Douglas Houghton Memorial contains every known type of rock in the Upper Peninsula.


Historic photo from the collection of Ernie and Edith Niederer.

See Cam Notes
Early 1940's
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