The Pasty Cam
April 28 - May 4, 2002
Saturday, May 4

For all of our friends from the lower-Upper Peninsula, a current view of the Escanaba River dam.

With thanks to Donn de Yampert for catching a rainbow.
Image from Escanaba
Keweenaw woods
Friday, May 3

Earlier this week we saw the valley by Hungarian Falls.  Taka Aoki takes us in for a closer look...

...where we find Rose and Shibumi tapping the trees.
Thursday, May 2

Overcast in the Keweenaw, sure enough, snow clouds moving in just as the weatherman said.

Steve Brimm catches a glimpse before flakes fall.
4 mi. west of Copper Harbor
The adventures of Dan Urbanski
Wednesday, May 1

Here it is the first of May and there's still snow in the shadows and higher elevations...

...and we're told more is on the way.
Tuesday, April 30
In Memory
Mollie Mayhar
Linda Wagner
Connie Sopjes
Wallace Keskitalo
Monthly tribute to friends gone
In Memory
Another from Kelly Wenberg
Monday, April 29

The northwoods, slowly changing from gray to green, a wonderful place to explore in any season.

May is on the way
Sunday, April 28

Woke up to a fresh cover of snow today in the Keweenaw, but not quite as much as this postcard...

...from the 1940's
from the Robert C Wetton collection
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