The Pasty Cam
October 7 - 13, 2001
Saturday, October 13

MTU Alumni Rochelle Fischer and Jessica Lutz share a vintage shot of their rowing team...

...taken in 1998 from the pontoon of their coach Terri Smyth.
Different strokes
Paint River Memorial
Friday, October 12

A new roadside memorial just south of Crystal Falls.

Roadside monument
Thursday, October 11

Ken Mell sends the Cam one of his favorites, the big overlook at the Porcupine Mountains.

Wonder if Scott Laurie ever returned to his tree in the Keweenaw hills? (See Sep 10)
Sea of colorful trees
Autumn leaves begin to fall
Wednesday, October 10

A crystal stream flows into Mirror Lake with signs of the aging season.

Dan Urbanski ponders the scene. 
Tuesday, October 9

Paul Roberts delivers a sunset view of the Mighty Mac from the perspective of a true Troll....

...under the bridge ;o}
Below the Bridge
Color challenge from the Badger State
Monday, October 8

This could very well be a street corner in Mohawk... but no, it's from one of our regular Wisconsin visitors to the Cam.

Ken A. with a challenge for our local Pasty Camists. 
Sunday, October 7

The steps of Pine Street Apostolic Lutheran Church of Calumet in 1920.

See anybody you know?
Shoebox Memory from Edith Niederer
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