The Pasty Cam
March 18 - 24, 2001
Saturday, March 24

Nothing like a little fresh snow to whiten up the grimy banks.  Hancock currently has a project to update this landmark...

....the Mary Chase Perry historic home.
Mary's childhood home
No two are alike
Friday, March 23

Heavy frost throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula, and a few light lake effect flakes...

notes these captured by Steve Brimm.

NEWS FLASH!: First ship traffic of the season spotted on Superior this morning

Thursday, March 22

This has been the 'week of the big melt' in the Copper Country.  Dan U. watches as the sun burns away the jewels of Winter...

....but the weatherman hints there may be a new supply on the way.
Disappearing diamonds
Visitors from Great Britain
Wednesday, March 21

Shrinking snowbanks and yoopers in short sleeves... Summer can't be far behind.

Vania (Manning) MacCarthy, son James, and Aunt Jodie with a pretty pose for the Pasty Cam in Perkin's parking lot.
Tuesday, March 20

Spring officially arrives at 8:31 am EST today... but you wouldn't know it out here on Lake Superior.

Dan Urbanski with a lesson in traffic control.
Sign of the times
Another Dollar Bay sunrise
Monday, March 19

PastyNET member Marlin Wenberg checks in with this guest photo of a quiet Dollar Bay neighborhood.

The heat of that rising sun drove temps up to 43by today's Cam update.
Sunday, March 18

Requested in recent "Cam Notes", here's a cutaway view of a typical Keweenaw snow bank.

Revealing the layers of winter.
Snow canyon (Highway)
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