The Pasty Cam
March 11 - 17, 2001
Saturday, March 17
Happy Saint Patrick's Day
Keweenaw wears the green...
...certainly not any of it growing yet :o)
St Patrick's Day parade
Isolated smokestack
Friday, March 16

Somewhere out there on the rapidly melting snowmobile trails, you discover this icon of the industrial past of the Copper Country...

...Can you identify the spot where our roving Pasty Cam is standing?
Photos by Daryl Laitila
Thursday, March 15

Down from the trees comes the rest of the snow - and a few of last Fall's stubborn leaves - as warmth returns to the frozen North...

...if  35° qualifies as warmth :o)
Guest shot by Doug Smith
Procession on Sixth Street
Wednesday, March 14

A few blocks from yesterday's photo... and almost a century later... the Pasty Cam revisits a tragedy in the Copper Country.

notes introduce a unique new website from Pine Mountain Music Festival.
Tuesday, March 13

Ever drive past that nice ranch house on Calumet Avenue?  It's more like an earth home these days...

...among the hills of white.
Going under
Heavenly Keweenaw Halo
Monday, March 12

Ever wonder why they call the U.P. God's country?  Now and then we almost see His face...

...and Steve Brimm caught a glimpse to share with Pasty Cam Watchers.
See encore WOW by Steve Brimm
Sunday, March 11

Appropriate for a Sunday morning, we re-visit St. Joseph's Church in Lake Linden.

Cam Notes includes the view inside.
In Lake Linden
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