The Pasty Cam
January 21 - 27, 2001
Saturday, January 27

Paul and Debra conclude the exploration started yesterday, by leading us across the creek next to the Fort. 

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Next door to the Fort
Fort Wilkins
Friday, January 26

We've had requests for Fort Wilkins in winter... Paul Charlesworth and Debra Wright deliver with today's guest photos

Knee deep drifts
Time to shovel the porch.
Thursday, January 25

'Twas a sunny day across the U.P.  Our eyes in the east, Jon Jacobson, takes us down to the Mackinac waterfront.... 

...or is it Mackinaw?
A stone's throw from Mighty Mac
Icy Rumble at MTU
Wednesday, January 24

A brief break for the snow sculpture crew... some watch, some play... one clicks the Pasty Cam. 

Looks like a power play coming up.
Tuesday, January 23

Our second helping of pancakes this winter.  Steve Brimm serves this batch from Copper Harbor. 

Previous stack by Dan U. back in November.
More Pancake Ice
Duck Island
Today at Michigan Tech
Monday, January 22

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was a winter carnival.  This year's competition is well on its way, and the Pasty Cam will stop in from time to time. 

They call this Wadsworth West.
Sunday, January 21

Have the road crews discovered a better way to clear the streets? The scene in Hancock during this weekend's Heikinpäivä. 

In the background, studios of WMPL, voice of the MTU Huskies.
Mush you huskies!
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