The Pasty Cam
September 17 - 23, 2000
High atop Brockway
Saturday, September 23

The sun breaks out through overcast skies up on Brockway Mountain, where Kenneth Mell captured this guest Cam shot...

Does anybody know who lives in that cabin on the rock?
Friday, September 22

Them looks like snow clouds.  Better get back home up in the Keweenaw and make some wood.  Let's stop in up ahead for dinner at Gemignani's.

The view in Downtown Hancock this afternoon.
Downtown Hancock
Cool twilight at the Lake's edge
Thursday, September 21

It was bound to happen... So many great Pasty Cam guest shots emailed to us lately... We can't seem to identify the author of this neat after-sunset shot

The heavy jacket was appropriate this evening walking the shore.
Wednesday, September 20

"Barns of the Keweenaw Peninsula" would be a good photo study, if you're looking for a project this fall...

...and we'll give you the space to publish your collection here on the Pasty Cam.
BONUS:  A big picture from this same spot alomst a year ago.
U.P. harvest time
Quiet Neighborhood
Tuesday, September 19

Soon all of the green will give way to a blaze of color throughout the Keweenaw. Guest Camist Jon Jacobson takes us to the Evergreen Cemetery...

Many thanks to the crew from YSI who did some much needed trimming here this summer.
Monday, September 18

A mighty big boat required an extra high lift of the Houghton- Hancock bridge... allowing the Alograil to pass on its way back to deeper waters

Photo by Daryl Laitila, taken from her window where the Bridge Cam resides.
Lake freighter in the Portage Canal
Another sunrise at the tip
Sunday, September 17

A couple of weeks ago Alex Protzel of Copper Harbor brought us a sunrise at Gull Rock... Now we head back to Manitou Island for more...

...and get wet with the spray... Here's a Cam Notes EXTRA BONUS: a shot of the surf from this shore by Dan Urbanski 
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