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September 10 - 16, 2000
Photo from NASA archives
Saturday, September 16
Approaching the water-winter wonderland from the southwest... Lake Michigan and the L.P... then looking back (photo above), the best vacation spot on the planet.
Read about these shots in Cam Notes
Friday, September 15

Another collection of guest vacation photos, these from Ohio visitor Tricia Oleksy.

In addition to Great Sand Bay, Tricia shares several other sites around the U.P. in today's Cam Notes
Great Sand Bay
Room with a view
Thursday, September 14

View from the porch at Oskar Bay Cabins.  From our scrapbook, one of several guest shots by Paul and Dotty Kinnun

...doo, doo, doo lookin' out my back door
Wednesday, September 13

A Great Lakes alligator?  A petrified muskie from the Ice Age? Guest Pasty Camist Nancy Nelson shares an unusual sight...

...floating somewhere down the Sturgeon River near the US-41 bridge.
Say Ahhhh...
College Avenue
Tuesday, September 12

Ever pass this guy on your way into downtown Houghton?  Looks like he's headed for Michigan Tech...

...or maybe on his way home after a hard day in the mines.
 Monday, September 11

Yesterday's away-from-the sunset view shared its inspiration with today's 180° pair of shots...

...see an east-west duo by Dan Urbanski in Cam Notes
Watch your step
Quiet woods
Sunday, September 10

Out here walking among the trees at sunset, we're reminded that beauty is not only on the horizon with the setting sun...

...but also in the features of this wooded U.P. neighborhood, in the fading daylight.
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