The Pasty Cam
September 3 - 9, 2000
In the boon-docks.
Saturday, September 9

On the back roads from Marquette to L'Anse by way of Big Bay to Skanee... lots of old logging roads... see the big picture

Wonder if Father Marquette ever took this route on any trip to see Bishop Baraga?
 Friday, September 8

It was K-Day at McLain State Park, as MTU turned the students loose around noon and converged on this lakeside retreat.

Last month, when we put out the call to email us your vacation and/or reunion photos, this was one incredible scene we received, taken on the beach at the park by Melanie Clements.

This weekend we will bring a collage of those photos, so stay tuned...

...didn't know this monitor could shine so bright :o)

McLain State Park at Sunset
Take me out to the ball game
Thursday, September 7

Of all the photos we have received for our upcoming on-line vacation/reunion scrap book, this is our favorite outside of the U.P...see big picture

You may recall seeing Mike Lothamer at the old ball park last year.
Wednesday, September 6
On his way back from Marquette, Pasty Cam regular Jon Hopper took the scenic route, along the Lake back toward L'Anse.  This proved to be quite a trek, with some interesting landmarks along the way.
Sign in the wilderness
Big boat, little dome
Tuesday, September 5

Looks like this freighter is about to dock at the Superior Dome in Marquette.  Our Cam did a little wandering today...

...and got lost up by Big Bay.  Be back tomorrow with more of the trip!
Monday, September 4
Happy Labor Day
Pasty Cam was updated late in the day... waiting for Cam regular Daryl Laitila to return with scenes from today's 
Bridge Walk.
Bit of a drive from St. Ignace to 
the Copper Country.
Bridge Walk 2000
Lighthouse Tour 2000
Board the Keweenaw Star for an exciting cruise around the Keweenaw this fall !
Morning magnificence
Sunday, September 3

Two weeks ago the Pasty Cam visited Gull Rock Lighthouse at twilight, and today we watch the sunrise on Keweenaw's tip...

Guest shot by Alex Protzel, who captured the scene just moments before, as you see in the Lighthouse Tour banner above...
Great desktop picture in Cam Notes.
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