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July 2 - 8, 2017


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Saturday, July 8

Watching the Ranger set to go under the bridge.

All aboard the Quincy Tram Car.

From the Archives

The view alone is worth the ride.

Going down

Friday, July 7

Summer storms produce some interesting skies.
Dark clouds, tinted clouds and lightning shows.
Storm rolling in

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This Day


Thursday, July 6

Construction equipment ready for action.

Forestry equipment for logging in the woods

From the Archives

Historic train at Lake Linden museum.
Steam train in Lake Linden

Wednesday, July 5

Diving for agates in Lake Superior.
Visitors, rockhounds, sailors & artists today.
Top of Brockway

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This Day

Tuesday, July 4
Happy Independence Day
Old Glory flying proudly in Baraga.

Lake Linden Fireworks.

from the archives

Pyrotechnics, parades and flag waving.


Monday, July 3

Revisiting the 50's Eagle River 4th of July celebration.
From the Archives
With a look back at a repurposed,
retired freighter.

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This Day


Sunday, July 2

Signs have been part of the culture here UP North

Doesn't it just make you want to
Go back to Michigan?

from the archives

The place we call home.


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