The Pasty Cam
January 22 - 28, 2006
Saturday, January 28

Remarkable aerial spotting in Baraga County, an uncommon sight in the UP...

...but making a comeback in these parts.
Moose tracks
Creature from the cold lagoon
Friday, January 27

Something strange has washed up on the icy shores of Lake Superior in the Keweenaw.

Brrr….that water looks frigid!
Thursday, January 26

Familiar sight during the summer months in the U.P.: signs directing you which way to turn.

notes find Camp 10 on 16 Mile Lake.
Multitude of signs
Season's end
Wednesday, January 25

Time of year on Lake Superior, when the freighters pull into port for their annual lay-up.

In the afterglow of the shipping season.
Tuesday, January 24

An essential tool for keeping your driveway open in the U.P.: plow and 4 wheel drive.

But this driver needs to brush up on things!
Winter apples?
Monday, January 23

The Keweenaw is in the thick of it with snowflakes falling, blanketing everything in sight,

forming clumps overhead in the trees.
Marshmallow tree
Sunday, January 22

We interrupt this Shoebox Memory for follow-up of a heartwarming story in Hancock.

...and a birthday note about KCHS.
Snag that carp
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