Jan 23-06

Past-E-Mail: Cam Notes - 2006: January: Jan 23-06
Winter hangs in the trees    ...scroll down to share comments
Photos by Ashley Byykkonen
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Photos by Ashley Byykkonen

Mary Drew at Pasty Central (Mdrew) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 04:12 am:

You've heard the saying, "When it rains, it pours", which means that once something starts after a long pause, it comes in large amounts. That's a fair description of our snowfall here in the Keweenaw lately. We had quite a dry spell and now it has begun again with little sign of stopping, although we have been treated to some rays of bright sunshine in between those falling flakes! Snowfall like that has a tendency to accumulate on the tree branches making it look like giant marshmallows are growing in the them. Luckily, Ashley Byykkonen went out snowmobiling with her Dad and captured some of those puffy growths to share with us in today's shots. What a great way to spend the day!

By John (Johnmich) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 04:44 am:

I always like to find one of those "snow marshmallows" over a snowmobile trail. Especially when it is low enough so that you can grab it and give the person behind you an "instant blizzard"

By WishingIWasInDaUP (Sur5er) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 06:54 am:

Snow marshmellows...I have to admit that I haven't heard that term before. ROFL :) Almost looks like a loaded sling shot...or a caterpault.

By Deb S. (Usedtobeayooper) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 07:05 am:

Those pictures are such a reminder of growing up in the Copper Country. Oh yes, snow marshmallows. You just grab them and give some unlucky person quite the shower with them. Only in the Copper Country, eh? You just don't see stuff like that out here in central MN. Heck we barely see any snow. Not that that's not okay with me. It warms up a lot faster in the spring this way. Anyway, have a great day up there in yooperland.

By Helen Milan (Hmilan) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 07:25 am:

I have been enjoying your photographs of the UP all winter....makes me feel connected to all the goings on UP there. Have a wonderful day and thanks.

By Margaret, Amarillo TX (Margaret) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 07:27 am:

We'd like to have a few snow marshmallos down here please.

By JanieT (Bobbysgirl) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 09:50 am:

We didn't get quite that much new snow, but enough to get out the snowmobiles for a bit, our dogs enjoyed the snowmobiling as well! A nice change to get outside in the snow!

By Frank Picotte (Frankp) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 01:29 pm:

Sunny here but Santa Anna winds

By YooperGal (Daryl) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 04:51 pm:

I've just uploaded 200 photos of the Heikinpäivä 2006 parade and polar bear dive. You can see the slideshow here in the Heikinpäivä Gallery.

At the very end of the gallery is a QuickTime movie of the Polar Bear Dive. It's about 8 MB for the movie. Be patient, especially if you are on dialup.

By dlp (Babyseal) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 05:27 pm:

I just watched the slide show. Awesome! Love the mittens. Some of the mittens were still on display in front of the Hancock Middle School this AM. I hope they will be on display so those of us who missed the parade can go enjoy them.

By maija in Commerce Township (Maija) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 05:35 pm:

Great pictures in your Heikenpaiva Gallery, Daryl! Thanks so much.

What wonderful creativity!

By Downstatedon (Downstatedon) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 06:27 pm:

YooperGal Thanks for sharing the slide
show with the Trolls that did not get up to visit
the Heikinpaiva Festival. Great show.

By Walter P McNew (Waltermcnew) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 08:03 pm:

mary how much snow do you have not much here in tampa

By Seismic Pirate (Marc) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 08:07 pm:

Thank you to whomever took the slideshow pics and to Pasty.com for posting them. It was very nice to find a picture of my wife and daughter in the parade with their mitten. I'm as far away from home as I can get and still be on the planet, so it was a special treat to see them today.

By WishingIWasInDaUP (Sur5er) on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 12:31 am:

Daryl, Thanks so much for the awesome pics of the festivities. Almost made me feel as though I was there. Thanks again from someone who is very homesick ;)

By JARMO ITÄNIEMI (Japei) on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 01:50 am:

Hello Daryl - MAGNIFICENT gallery!!!


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