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January 15 - 21, 2006
Saturday, January 21

Standing up to whatever U.P. weather piles on it, this storage shed has seen its share of snow.

And inside is stored a lot of memories.
Memory shed
Regal watcher
Friday, January 20

Traveling the highways of the Upper Peninsula you'll find countless photo opportunities.

Be observant, have your shutterbox ready.
Thursday, January 19

Two true yoopers show us their colors, with an invitation to the Polar Bear Dive this Saturday.

Bet both bodies are about to become TOTALLY blue.
Yikes that's cold!
Frosty art
Wednesday, January 18

Baby, it's cold outside.  Window decorations like this across the U.P. don't last long.

Here comes the sun to help clear things up.
Tuesday, January 17

A tunnel of U.P. logs waiting for the colder temperatures, to be loaded and transported.

Decked so high the logger looks miniature.
Piled high
Rays of gold
Monday, January 16

Sunrise in the Keweenaw:  A glimpse of gold near Bete Grise. The bluff is barely visible...

...but illuminated brightly.
Sunday, January 15

Construction at The Hut this week unearthed a Shoebox Memory about baseball, soda pop and Keweenaw hospitality.

An update on Pasty Central's new kitchen.
Seeing double?
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