The Pasty Cam
July 24 - 30, 2005
Saturday, July 30

View of the Porcupine Mountains along Superior in the western half of the U.P.

Cool off thinking of skiing down a snow-covered hill.
Friday, July 29

Copper veins visible to the naked eye for “considerable distances” by passing vessels.

Green rock in Copper Harbor.
Thursday, July 28

Lazy summer days, turn into quiet evenings on the shores of any Keweenaw body of water.

Just one more swim, please?
End of the day
End of the day
Wednesday, July 27

Playing around your yard in the U.P., you may be surprised to find you are not alone.

Watch your step!
Tuesday, July 26

When we look at a lighthouse, we see the structure, but perhaps forget about it’s intended use.

Guiding boats and ships through the fog!
Out of the fog
Monday, July 25

Checking out nature’s adornments can bring your nose close to the ground...

...maybe even get it a bit wet :o)
Here's a pair of cranes, no extra charge.
Sandhill cranes
Sunday, July 24

Shoebox Memories began four years ago this month.  Pasty Central itself has become kind of an online shoebox for collecting memorable moments.

Today we remember some 'cool kids' who have appeared on these pages.
Down to earth
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