The Pasty Cam
March 20 - 26, 2005
Saturday, March 26

Pleasant scenery, never-ending skies, quiet enjoyment... life is good in Toivola.

For humans and critters alike!.
Down and dirty
Friday, March 25

As snow recedes across the U.P., street level gets messy.

...but still plenty of beauty if you look for it.
High on the hill
Thursday, March 24

Somewhere in the deep recesses of the Iron Mountain area, a hidden valley awaits.

Early Spring exploration can be a tricky experience.
Mystery spot
On the rocks
Wednesday, March 23

Often photographed from the Marina or M-26, a lovely lighthouse from any angle.

Maintained by Keweenaw County Historical Society.
Tuesday, March 22

Ontonagon, over on the western end of the U.P., held a new festival this year…

Z-Man brings us a first-hand look
Old timer
Hands up!
Distant planet?
Monday, March 21

The sun may be warming in the Keweenaw but the backdrop is still a wintry landscape.

Waiting for Spring to really arrive.. drip, drip
Sunday, March 20

Houghton County Airport has occasionally received some futuristic visitors.

But the future didn't see this design take off.
Shoebox Memory from R.C. Wetton
Strange vehicle
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