The Pasty Cam
September 12 - 18, 2004
Saturday, September 18

Some big stones forming a type of structure - - Could it be a sauna?  Or maybe a brick house?

Since it's in Christmas, MI,  maybe it's part of Santa's workshop?.
Brick house?
Hidden visitor
Friday, September 17

The leaves aren't the only thing turning colors in the Copper Country with the onset of fall.

These berries are sporting some color and a camouflaged friend.
Thursday, September 16

Pasty Cam spies a couple of boat spotters checking out the traffic as it rounds the point.

In the area known as the 
"Graveyard of the Lakes".
Wednesday, September 15

Seasonal colors are starting to sneak up on the Copper Country, bit by bit.....

We take to the air to check it out.
Tuesday, September 14

The Keweenaw has mining remnants scattered throughout the region, some highly visible..

...and others off the beaten path.
Speckled rocks
Monday, September 13

At first glance, you might think that there's snow on them thar Superior hills.

Of course, it's not snow (yet!) and those aren't hills (they're rocks).
Sunday, September 12

Wouldn't it be fun to hear some of the stories of the travelers on this old bus...

...and for a while to sit in the driver's seat?
Long since retired
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