The Pasty Cam
August 31 - September 6, 2003
Saturday, September 6

We end the week where quite a few began it, Mighty Mac. 

...and a Gov sighting on the Island.
Photo by Mary Drew
Mary Drew's Bridgewalk report
Peaceful place
Friday, September 5

One of those U.P.scenes which make a good jigsaw puzzle, from Rick Anderson... 

...the down-to-earth Skypixs guy.
Thursday, September 4

They told us we just had to see this lake on a cloudy day. 

It's around here somewhere.
Photo by Bob Whitlatch
In search of...
Whadda rack!
Wednesday, September 3

Z-Man carefully cozies up to a horned local resident. 

Shocking bonus: falling water tower::
bye bye
Tuesday, September 2

Won't be long until fall colors begin to appear in the northern U.P... 

But for now it's mostly green.
Photo by Bill Fink
From Donn de Yampert's Color Album
Monday, September 1

As we move into a new month, don't we want to hang on to Summer as long as possible? 

Grab it before it gets away.
Sunday, August 31
In Memory
Erma Aittama
Robert Leonard
Bill Turpeinen, Jr
Hubert Wakeham. 
Missed, remembered.
Photo by Joel Chitwood
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