The Pasty Cam
February 3 - 9, 2002
Saturday, February 9

Just east of yesterday's shot, a bit earlier in the morning.  Streaks of sunrise over Dollar Bay.

This time from Robert C. Wetton.
Before sunrise, Dollar Bay
Facing the rising sun
Friday, February 8

Rob Wetton finds just the right vantage point to see the sunrise reflected in the Quincy. 

The Big Picture gives a wider view.
Thursday, February 7

Scenes from the overnight competition at winter carnival on the  Michigan Tech campus

Almost too warm for ice sculptures.
Pulling an all-nighter
Dusk in the Copper Country
Wednesday, February 6

Scott Isaacson captures the color and texture of a mid-winter Keweenaw sunset. 

Have an icicle... It's on the house.
Tuesday, February 5

Some useful knowledge for your trivial pursuit database, next time they ask 'what U.P. village is known as harbor town?' 

Another question:
How did the village get its name?
(see cam notes)
Welcome to Ontonagon
Old railroad bed
Monday, February 4

Along the trail between Phoenix and Mohawk, the tracks reveal traffic back to normal... 

For a winter which got off to a slow start.
Sunday, February 3

For quite a few months we've had "Shoebox Memories" on the Pasty Cam each Sunday, featuring U.P. scenes our visitors find hidden among their old photos.  Mary Drew kicks off another week with this historic shoe lamp. 

Do you know the U.P. city where this leg lives?
The old soft shoe
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