The Pasty Cam
August 12 - 18, 2001
Saturday, August 18

A seagull on its approach to downtown Lake Linden might fly over St. Joseph's... 

notes  camist Jon Hopper did this week along with Rick Anderson.
EXTRA BONUS: Scene from today's festivities in Copper Harbor
Heavenly viewpoint
Tammies' big bus
Friday, August 17

This afternoon the Tamburitzans rolled into the Calumet Theatre, as they have for the last 65 summers.  What a performance!

Music, dancing and acrobatics.
Thursday, August 16

Dan Urbanski has a hard time coming in out of the rain... especially when it's so beautiful. 

More of such beauty at
Fog moves in
Grab a paddle
Wednesday, August 15

A colorful collection of canoes on the Isle (Royale, that is).


Tobin Harbor, to be exact.

Tuesday, August 14

You often hear talk of the "Copper Country" in the U.P., but did you know there is a "Copper City"? 

The mail must go through
Monday, August 13

Before thimbleberry season slips away, Nancy Nelson and Daryl Laitila fulfill a Pasty Cam request... from Isle Royale and the Keweenaw. 

Take your pick :o)
Sunday, August 12

In a special edition of Cam Notes, Erik Nordberg finds Painesdale's Jeffers High in the MTU Archives 

That's a mighty big shoebox!
Shoebox Memory from MTU Archives
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