The Pasty Cam
August 5 - 11, 2001
Saturday, August 11

Several villages aroung the peninsula took advantage of ideal conditions for art fairs and bazaars today.

This scene is from Eagle Harbor
Art Fair
by Randy Dyle of Green Bay
Friday, August 10

Over on the south-east shore of the Keweenaw, daisies are in abundance... even among the rocks along Bete Grise.

The home of John and Dorothy Kaleita.
Thursday, August 9

A frequent Cam request is Chutes and Ladders in Houghton.  The Vickers girls found their cousins there.

Photo by mom Patti.
Climbing kids
Keweenaw sunrise
Wednesday, August 8

That bright light in the east has been delivering some mighty hot conditions, in the U.P. and elswhere in the U.S..

Guest cam shot by Barb Bremigan
Tuesday, August 7

Here's a new category in the annals of "strange sports of the U.P."... ranking right up there with Roof Sledding and Guts Frisbee.

Roger Kangas at the controls
(don't try this at home)
Having fun, keeping cool
Monday, August 6

Dan and Patty Urbanski make a final pass through the berry patch... as the season is nearing its end.

Side note: One year ago today "Cam Notes" feature first appeared on Pasty Cam
Sunday, August 5

This week's shoebox memory finds two aspiring U.P. cooks whipping up some mud pasties.



EXTRA!  Vintage recipe for Elephant Stew!

Shoebox Memory from R. Cousins
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