The Pasty Cam
May 6 - 12, 2001
The Graduate
Saturday, May 12

Jon Hopper, the original Pasty Camist, receives his degree in Computer Science this morning at MTU Commencement.


Views from the SDC in "Cam Notes"..

Friday, May 11

Yesterday Dan's walk in the woods led to the discovery of a new manufacturing facility near Ontonagon....


Where the Craftsman makes crystal chandeliers.

Urbanski finds a new website
Misty morning by Dan U
Thursday, May 10

After the rain is gone and the wind dies down, there's such a peaceful feeling here (especially in the absence of black flies!).


Come along for a walk in the woods...

Wednesday, May 9

There's a symphony in the northwoods these days.  Here's one of the tiny singers.


Dan Urbanski catches him inhaling.

rivet - rivet
Storm clouds over the harbor
Tueday, May 8

An ominous front passes through Keweenaw as Summer battles Winter to get the upper hand.


Steve Brimm captures the conflict.

Monday, May 7

Not the first swimmers to appear this year on the Pasty Cam, but certainly the prettiest.  The guys beat them to it (see Jan 17).

Guest photo from Takashi Aoki, this weekend at Hancock Beach.
That's gotta hurt
After a hard winter
Sunday, May 6

Heavy snows over winter caused damage at Old Victoria.

Pasty Cam took you here in the past.
Old Victoria
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