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June 24 - 30, 2018


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Saturday, June 30
In Memory
Howard Klann
Chuck Klingbeil
Thatcher Markham
Mary Normand
Dorothy Nutini
Doug Schurbert
Richard Woodford
Always in our hearts
Cedar Bay Sunset

Friday, June 29

We're heading to Agate Beach in Toivola for Juhannus.
Esrey Park, to the Big Mac and back to Toivola.
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This Day

Thursday, June 28

A 1000 foot freighter looks miniature in Lake Superior.
Sunrise on the Big Lake is quite breathtaking.
from the archives

Clouds, Rainbows and a sunrise or two.
1000 footer in Superior

Wednesday, June 27

We're going fishing on Teal Lake with Dennis.
Fishing in Bootjack and kayaking in Eagle Harbor, too.
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This Day

Tuesday, June 26

Steam rising from the water, webs dotting the brush...
Let's do a flyover around Copper Harbor today.
from the archives

Beauty, boating and fun with water
Steaming webs

Monday, June 25

A video tour around Ontonagon Lighthouse and Pierhead.
Lighthouses and Lake Superior beaches.
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This Day

Sunday, June 24

A look back at a difficult week in the Keweenaw.
from the archives
Courtesy of TV10 Marquette

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