The Pasty Cam
October 30 - November 5, 2005
Saturday, November 5

Fungus, toadstool, mushroom, no matter what you call them, they’re popping UP all over.

Some of them gathered in bunches.
Contiguous fungi
Edible agaric
Close the cabin door...
Friday, November 4

Camping this time of year is a little more comfortable in a cabin built for two near Mirror Lake.

But wait... I think it housed three!  :->
View for two
Thursday, November 3

This fine looking Yooper dog seems quite alert, interested in an object out of view.

Maybe it’s something to chase!
I spy something
Wednesday, November 2

Beach side view of Lake Superior, peaceful and powerful, with waves and clouds rolling in.

And holding onto a few late colors.
Pasty Central expands, 
Hut-Inn to re-open
Tuesday, November 1

Waiting for the day their legs are long enough to reach the pedal that shifts this ATV into gear...

...and head off on an UP North adventure.
Vroom, vroom...
Autumn sunset
Monday, October 31
In Memory
Leanne Bessner
Betty Boorman
Cpl. Nick Cherava
Jennie Franks
Angus Hellawell
Paul LaMarre
Esther Wiideman
Again we pause to reflect.
Sunday, October 30

Down the block from Still Waters (75+ years ago), a skillful cycler gets ready to roll.

Ever wonder how these guys kept their balance?
From Copper Country Reflections
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