The Pasty Cam
June 19 - 25, 2005
Saturday, June 25

One if by air, two if by sea - - double the view of some famous rocks in the Central U.P.

Let's go high, then zoom in.
Rocky flight
Artesian water
Friday, June 24

Driving east along US-2, you’ll find natural groundwater forming a stream on the side of the road.

Created by the first industry in that area 102 years ago.
Thursday, June 23

A sighting on the Western end of the U.P.,  badgering the photographer’s vehicle.

Read about Z-Man's encounter with a couple.
Wednesday, June 22

With a back-drop of Lake Superior cliffs, a young high school graduate takes to the air.

Proving humans can fly... at least for a while
Tuesday, June 21
First Day of Summer
Flowers of all colors, sizes and scents in the Upper Peninsula, brightening up the landscape.
Innumerable insects and arachnids, too.
Storm a-brewin'
Monday, June 20

Red sky in morning, sailors take warning – Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

U.P. storm clouds helter-skelter, sailors better take shelter!
Sunday, June 19
Happy Father's Day
Remembering fathers of generations past... and how times and fashions have changed
Shoebox Memory of Dads and GrandDads.
Cool wheels
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