The Pasty Cam
April 24 - 30, 2005
Saturday, April 30
In Memory
Keith “Kedo” Ahonen
Verna Clouthier
Michael James Hamm
Hal Hunter
Sharlena Kumbula
Marie Louise MacDonald
Donald Pearce
Margaret Pini
Phillip W. Sladek
Martin Sotala
Roger Wolfe
Forever remembered.
Memorial sunset
Friday, April 29

Not quite a waterfall, just run-off of a Springtime meltdown from a Northern Michigan marsh.

If it looks like a falls, and runs like a falls, is it really a falls?
Thursday, April 28

After being cooped up inside for the U.P. winter, it’s time to enjoy outdoor activities again.

Kitties and kiddies need to burn off that Spring fever!
On Brockway
Wednesday, April 27

During snowy months, wind provides power for Pasty.NET's Keweenaw broadband system.

..but the small turbine comes down when tourists - and eagles - return.
Tuesday, April 26

Come along for a ride down the Silver River and another mystery U.P. flowage.

Be prepared to get wet and maybe a bit chilled too!
Seeing double
Monday, April 25

Do not adjust your monitor, there is nothing wrong with your computer screen or your eyes!

It’s photography to ‘double your pleasure, double your fun!
Sunday, April 24

Ever hear of a place in the Keweenaw known as 'Senter'?  Bill Haller re-discovered it east of Dollar Bay.

...and tells about it in this week's 
Shoebox Memory.
Old clipping
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