The Pasty Cam
September 19 - 25, 2004
Saturday, September 25

Tucked away in a corner of Copper Harbor, nestled amongst the pines (and other species!)

A place to enter and find a moments peace.
Colorful dropping
Friday, September 24

Fall begins to show its colors in bursts and splashes throughout the Upper Peninsula.

The crunch of leaves underfoot is soon to follow.
Thursday, September 23

Shipping lanes surround the U.P., trafficking freighters through the Great Lakes.

Delivering goods on the north, west and southwestern ends.
Calumet arriving!
Edie and Buddy
Wednesday, September 22

First day of Autumn finds UP residents preparing for colder weather ahead.

Mount the storms, bring in the hoses.
Tuesday, September 21

You just never know what kind of animals you might find in the U.P. now-a-days!

Recent sightings of lions, tigers and bears, (OH MY!)
Calm stillness
Monday, September 20

You'll find this serene scene along the Keweenaw road spotted from the air last week.

Perfect spot for a variety of activities.
Sunday, September 19

George, Eddie, and Jim with U.P. music from the past in this week's Shoebox Memory.

From the Bill Brinkman Collection
at the MTU Archives.
uh-one, and uh-two...
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