The Pasty Cam
January 25 - 31, 2004
Saturday, January 31
In Memory
Colleen O'Neill
Eugene Yauch
Albert (Abby) Rule
Wesley Lasanen
Louise Laverdiere
Mary LeVeque
Mark Schaaf
Photo by Donn de Yampert
One way street
Friday, January 30

Not just anytown USA, this one's in the heart of the Copper Country.

Better turn around, that's a one way street!.
Thursday, January 29

Looks like a great spot in the Keweenaw,  to go skiing or even just for a walk.

Oh, look closely, there's something up ahead...
Fox crossing
Distant white planet
Wednesday, January 28

Mars has a red surface and an explorer called Rover Spirit....

The U.P. has a white surface and an explorer called  Roving Z-Man.
Tuesday, January 27

How many bites does it take to get to the end of a Hilltop Roll?

Well, that depends on how big 
your mouth is!
All mine!
Snow-covered seat
Monday, January 26

A different view from a State Park, on the eastern end of the U.P..

Between Newberry and Paradise, MI.
Sunday, January 25

A Shoebox Memory to get us ready for Winter Carnival.

Courtesy of MTU Archives and 
Erik Nordberg
It's a parade!
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