The Pasty Cam
November 9 - 15, 2003
Saturday, November 15

Bet a few guys in the U.P woke up this morning to a scene like this one from David Cloutier.

Opening day at deer camp.
Near Marquette
Keweenaw connection
Friday, November 14

If you could slide to the left in this photo you'd see where the Bridge Cam calls home.

Then we could all wave to Daryl.
Thursday, November 13

What a difference 
a day makes...

A change in Keweenaw ground cover.
Snow White
Get the rake!
Wednesday, November 12

Here in the north, it's getting harder to see the grass, but much easier to see through the trees.

Not much time left to get the raking done.
Tuesday, November 11
Happy Veterans Day
American pride against a backdrop of spacious U.P. skies.
Atop a tree in Lake Linden
American icons
Photo by Norn Hettinger
Monday, November 10

Remembering the men, the ship, the bell ringing 29 times.

The Edmond Fitzgerald
Courtesy of Know Your Ships ©2003
Sunday, November 9

On this day in 1961 some Copper Range workers were getting a head start on Christmas.

From Kevin Musser's
Shoebox Memory
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