The Pasty Cam
September 7 - 13, 2003
Saturday, September 13

The Pasty Cam Guest Gallery is becoming a rich archive of U.P. sights of every kind. 

Tom Suggs added a few last night
Posting the temp
Another special place
Friday, September 12

Just a little strip of land jutting into Copper Harbor known as Hunter's Point. 

Join the effort to save it from development.
Thursday, September 11

Ryan Rizor has a neat new slideshow of U.P. sights over in the Guest Gallery. 

Special Note to all Gallery contributors
Triple play
Drawn to the light
Wednesday, September 10

After a few days of lingering summer heat, a cool autumn breeze refreshes the northwoods. 

Peg Hardt paddles across the Pasty Cam.
Tuesday, September 9

No, this is not from the mountain forests of New Zealand - - just a favorite spot in the good ol' U.P. 

Through the skillful lens of Dan Urbanski
Foggy day at Lake of the Clouds
Near Drummond Island
Monday, September 8

Sometimes we forget there are three Great Lakes which touch the Upper Peninsula. 

A glimpse of Lake Huron from Leslie Saari
Sunday, September 7

An old utility building of Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad is revived in today's Shoebox Memory

by Dave Zelisse of Ypsilanti
Eagle Mills Yard scale house
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