The Pasty Cam
April 27 - May 3, 2003
Saturday, May 3

The staff and residents at Still Waters send a big Thank You to all who helped with the new van.

Also, another Taka shot in Cam Notes.
Dolly and the gang
Spring rush
Friday, May 2

So Taka's camera dries out and where does he go?  Back to the water!

Spring runoff at Redridge.
Thursday, May 1

Moments before Taka's camera disappeared in the white water, this self portrait.

Watch your step by the falls.
Beauty at day's end
Wednesday, April 30
In Memory
Richard L. Gilliam
Pat Allen
John Kilpela
Gertrude Lang
Senia Aho
Honored, remembered.
Tuesday, April 29

Squirrels and summer residents are beginning to re-appear in the U.P...

R.W. Wetton clicked this one.
For the birds
Monday, April 28

Lots of Turkey Buzzards sighted across the U.P. This is one of four seen near Dollar Bay...

notes R.C.Wetton, who happened to have his Pasty Cam.
Sunday, April 27

Therese Dimet brings this week's Shoebox Memory, wondering if you spot any familiar faces.

The only one she recognizes is her father-in-law.
Old time logging
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