The Pasty Cam
March 16 - 22, 2003
Saturday, March 22

Porcupine Mountains ski lift offers a great view of the ice breaking up nicely on the Lake.

Bonus satellite image in Cam Notes.
Springtime in the Porkies
Friday, March 21

So Rex says to Rover, "What say we cruise up to Eagle River and see some deer?"

Z-Man spots these out-of-towners.
Thursday, March 20

On this last day of Winter, Heikki Luntta just refuses to hit the road.  On the way out, he may take a parting shot.

Forecast:  Freezing rain turning to snow.
Taka on the Covered Road
High in the U.P.
Wednesday, March 19

A troupe from Dollar Bay stormed the hill last weekend at Mont Ripley.

Was it the last of good conditions for the season? Rain expected today.
Tuesday, March 18

At this stage of the winter, deer become quite friendly.  This one checks out Donn de Yampert.

Somehow they know it's not hunting season.
Hello dere
New resident van
Monday, March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day
We were two-thirds of the way toward the goal of buying this van for Still Waters' residents.
Thanks to all the friends who are helping out in this special project
Sunday, March 16
Happy St. Urho's Day
Making rounds in the 1930's, the Hoyem Bakery truck in the snowy canyons of Calumet.
A shoebox memory from Charlotte Multer.
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