The Pasty Cam
June 30 - July 6, 2002
Saturday, July 6

A restored Porter steam locomotive rolled in to Lake Linden this week...

notes the Houghton County Historical Society launches a new website:
All aboard!
Worn, but still proud
Friday, July 5

A collective sigh of relief the morning after America's 226th birthday celebration.

Still the Land of the Free.
Thusday, July 4
Happy Independence Day
Nothing beats Mother Nature's fireworks.  Donn de Yampert brings some back from Little Bay de Noc.
Hear Smokey the Bear in Real Audio - followup to Monday's Pasty Cam.
Natures pyrotechnics
A shot from Sue
Wednesday, July 3

While most folks are withering in the warmth across the upper midwest, flowers are flourishing.

And another from Dan
Tuesday, July 2

Trying to beat the heat, the Beyer boys get a little carried away with the fudge sicles.

Mom catches a chocolate kiss.
Boys will be boys
Only you can prevent forest fires
Monday, July 1

One of the simple pleasures of a drive across the U.P.: 
Smokey is watching.

Better watch out for sunburn, too.
Sunday, June 30
In Memory
Dorothy Chopp
Frank Gresnick
Lorraine Helminen
Alice Kangas
Vi Koski
Ellen Lein
Arbutus Sibilsky
Honored, remembered. 
June 2002 Memorial
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