The Pasty Cam
June 23 - 29, 2002
Saturday, June 29

The U.P. is flying high this weekend with celebrations from Calumet to Sault Ste. Marie.

Robert C Wetton caps the week with a para-sailor at Point Mill Shores.
Up in the air
Daisies with a view
Friday, June 28

As heat moves across the midwest and into the U.P., lets climb up where we can find a cool breeze.

Dan Urbanski knows the way.
Thursday, June 27

Evan and Rob from Marquette take the plunge at Canyon Falls River in Alberta.

Kelly Wenberg is there with her Pasty Cam.
Go with the flow
Thunder boomers
Wednesday, June 26

Last night Judy Steffel observed some heavenly rumblings across the peninsula...

...and spied an elusive red rainbow.
Tuesday, June 25

In our explorations around the U.P., here's a discovery far off the beaten path.

Fortunately Lyn Rayrat brought us back a glimpse.
Remote solitary lighthouse
A bird in the hand
Monday, June 24

Bill Alwin of Houghton rescues a feathered friend found under the lift bridge by Taka Aoki...

...who snapped their picture.
Sunday, June 23

On your way up Quincy Hill in Hancock is a remnant of a vanishing artform in America.

Larry Larson preserves it as a shoebox memory. 
Memorable roadside scene
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