The Pasty Cam
March 17 - 23, 2002
Saturday, March 23

Some kind of record in Three Lakes this week - for depth of snow on the outhouse.

Gordy Rice with some shots of the family camp.
Modern facilities
South-eastern Keweenaw shore
Friday, March 22

Guest Camist Steve King takes us back to Smith Fisheries, a spot the Pasty Cam visited...

notes the summer of '99
From the Archives
Thursday, March 21

The upper U.P. awoke to some fresh snow cover, windy, cloudy, bleak conditions.

Welcome to Spring.
Cliff Drive sunrise
Almost-aerial view
Wednesday, March 20

Looking down on Portage Canal from an unusual vantage point. Q: Where are we standing?

"Thanks to the many friends who posted birthday greetings yesterday.  Nice to have a day off every 50 years or so."
Charlie H.
Tuesday, March 19

Pasty Cam editor Charlie Hopper (left) has some time off to celebrate.  While he's away, the staff commandeers Cam Notes...

notes bring a Happy Birthday collage.
Pasty lover from Lansing
More white than green
Monday, March 18

Rose Riemer toured the Keweenaw over the weekend and brought back a couple of familiar sights...

...answering the question, "Have the deer returned to Eagle River this year?".
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Sunday, March 17

Eagle River resident history buff Mel Jones discovered a memorable action photo of his ancestors.  Mel has written a fascinating book of Civil War letters by his great grandfather.

He's also camp director at Keweenaw's own Gitche Gumee, which kicked off its 2002 season this weekend with the Spring Ladies Retreat.
Shoebox memory
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