The Pasty Cam
November 18 - 24, 2001
Saturday, November 24

Dan Urbanski checks in with his Thanksgiving week report, and a look at current conditions in the U.P.

Also, more news about PC2002 in today's Cam Notes.
Ranger III at the Isle
Friday, November 23

In a follow-up to Wednesday's canal photo, Nancy Nelson shows us the other end of the boat ride (Isle Royale).

A memory from this summer.
Thursday, November 22
Happy Thanksgiving
To the right of yesterday's photo is Ambassador Restaurant, where the elves have been hard at work for many years...
...and we presume it's not a turkey dinner :o}.
Too many cooks?
Twilight Time
Wednesday, November 21

The peaceful waterfront by downtown Houghton.  Our prediction of snow earlier this week has not come to pass.

It can't be too far off.
Tuesday, November 20

So far we've been spared the heavy snow which hit parts of the upper Midwest.

A lonely stretch by  the hills near Greenland and Mass City.
Wanderings of Dan Urbanski
It's a Jeep thing.
Monday, November 19

The latest in home-brew snow removal systems, from some enterprising yooper in  Bergland.

Tonight this baby may get a workout.
Sunday, November 18

On a mild November day a half century ago, a father and son explored the shore and brought back a shoebox memory.

Some more driftwood for their collection.
Look what I found
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