The Pasty Cam
November 11 - 17, 2001
Saturday, November 17

Hard-working farmers of the U.P. are ready for another winter, enjoying a few final snowless days of Autumn.

Though the hunters probably wish there was a little ground cover.
Where's the beef?
Night shot by Rick Whitman
Friday, November 16

A sight seen by many of the deer hunters rolling into the Copper Country this evening....

...We'll leave the light on for ya'.
Thursday, November 15

Last couple of hazy days have felt more like July than November.

Dan Urbanski records final moments of daylight.
Along M-26 near Donken
Shocking demonstration
Wednesday, November 14

Brent Turner lit up Michigan Tech's Rozsa Center this week, sitting atop his 3/4 million volt Tesla coil.

Don't try this at home.
Tuesday, November 13

Still some green grass in the U.P., still some leaves hanging on.  Beauty along the shore, regardless of the season.

Steve Brimm sends a little your way.
Remembering summer - awaiting winter
A house in the woods
Monday, November 12

Modern conveniences just in time for deer hunting... Do you recognize this location?


It's not in the webmaster's back yard..
Sunday, November 11
Happy Veteran's Day
How did we get by before cell phone, microwaves, the Internet, and ...Zamboni's ??
A shoebox memory from Pasty Cam's weekend trip to North Dakota.
A smooth operator
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